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BRAGA - Best European Destination

With over 2000 years of a very rich history, Braga is a city of huge beauty and heritage richness, which combines tradition with innovation, memory with youth and creativity with conservatism.

Braga has always taken a strategic and central regional role, from Bracara Augusta to the present day, thanks to the privileged geographical location and its dynamism. It plays a leading role in the economy, culture, knowledge and technology of the region and this centrality and relevance provides its inhabitants with an excellent quality of life in various sectors.

The city history is deeply connected with Roman Catholic Religion, being known as the Portuguese Rome or the City of Archbishops because of the faith of its people, the number of religious manifestations and the number of churches and shrines spread by the entire city and its surrounding territory. The Cathedral of Braga, due to its long history and artistic significance, it´s one of the most important buildings in the country.

Braga presents places that by their intrinsic devotion and beauty, impose themselves as reference points to visit. Mandatory reference to the European Baroque, which also evidences the very own evolution of the art of Braga, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte is considered one of the greatest tourist-religious highlight of the town and also of the Braga region.

Braga also has other types of events which attracts tourists, whether mixing the religious with the profane (like the celebration of the feasts of S. João) or simply popular (as in "Braga Romana" - a kind of return to the past or to update history, recalling the period when the city lived under Roman occupation and its importance at that time).

The city is also the stage of Europe’s biggest White Night. During 48 hours you can listen to great concerts, explore artistic installations and see innovative performances.

Visiting Braga is like taking a time travel inside modernity. The old city and the traditional religiousness – always imposing on its richness and majesty –coexist with the entrepreneurship and young spirit shown in vital areas such as culture, commerce, gastronomy, industry and services.



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